Is the Queen of the South Losing Her Crown?

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Anyone who has watched the first episode of this binge-worthy series knows that the show was eventually going to come to an end. Viewers were probably shocked about how soon the show would be ending. The current 5th season, running on USA Network, will be the last one for fictional character Teresa Mendoza, played by the magnificent Alice Braga.

Why is the show ending?

With a mere 5 seasons of a hit show, it’s surprising that it is already closing the curtains after this season. The storyline is always kept fresh without seeming too unrealistic. Teresa has had some close calls, but nothing that the audience would roll their eyes at. The show remained thrilling at every moment.
So why would USA Netowrk call it quits?
For followers of the network, there has been a noticeable decrease in their scripted dramas. ‘QotS’ is one of three scripted dramas still standing, with only one show (‘The Sinner’) officially granted a season renewal. So it looks like USA would rather shoot themselves in the foot to move away from dramas rather than please their devoted fans.

When will Queen of the South Season 5 be on demand?

The previous seasons took between 8 and 10 months before they were available on Netflix. That means viewers will most likely be waiting for a similar timeframe. There have been 7 out of 10 episodes already released on USA. This would put the availability for on-demand somewhere between February 2022 and April 2022.
If you do not have USA and can not wait that long, Amazon Prime is currently selling each episode in their Prime Video section.
The other seasons can be found here.

How will Queen of the South end?

Fans have come up with their own theories, as writers are not going to give away any secrets. Beware of spoilers ahead, if you have never watched an episode of the show.
In the very first episode, we see Teresa shot in the head by a sniper. The monologue during this scene suggested that she was expecting this moment. In the current season, season 5, we know that Boaz is coming for her and attacking her loved ones to get to her. Even though Teresa now appears to be a different person than that sweet, caring girl from Culiacan, perhaps the headshot scene is actually planned by Teresa to save her people? Maybe she knows it is the only way to let her loved ones live, to let Boaz take her life?
Poor sweet, funny, fearless George.

What do you think? Tell us your theories in the comments below.

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