What Show Should I Watch Next?

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Whether you’re looking for something brand new, super trendy or if you want to catch up on some classic shows we can help. Our extensive database of tv shows covers all of the streaming services and we use big data analysis to help you figure out which shows you will likely enjoy. It’s kind of like a cheat code to save time. It’s also an easy way to find something new that you’ve never seen before.

How Can you Figure out What Show to Watch Next?

There are quite a few websites that rank tv shows out there. What sets us apart is that we are not biased towards a specific network or streaming service. It’s imperative that when you’re looking to watch a new tv show (or a classic tv show) you should find something quickly and something that will bring you joy. There’s simply just so many shows out there! We figured, why not get a recommendation for a series that is enjoyed by many people like you? This is essentially why we put together our extensive database of television shows that are streaming online and available on cable tv networks. We compare them and give you a list of shows to watch that will be a great fit for you!

What if I want to find a show to watch with my Boyfriend? (or Girlfriend)

We get that question a lot. Guess what, we’ve covered that! With our extensive categorization system and ranking system we can help you find the next best show to watch with your boyfriend (or for your girlfriend, we don’t discriminate). Watching a show with your significant other is typically going to be different than watching a show just by yourself. It’s perfectly normal to want to save shows to watch with your significant other or just binge through shows that you know he or she won’t enjoy.

What if I don’t know what kind of Series to watch next?

Again, don’t worry about figuring out what kind of show you want to watch. That’s all part of the journey these days when you’re figuring out what show to watch next. You may get 3 or 4 episodes in and decide it’s not the show for you? You may also just find the next Schitt’s Creek show before all of your friends (we love when that happens). The only way to find the next best show on tv is to get out there and start watching! Thankfully for you, we can help you decipher which shows you will likely enjoy based on who is acting in the show, when it came out, who wrote the show, who produced the show and many other factors that go into what make TV shows exciting and successful.

Rather than trying to go it alone, just take our quiz and begin a journey with us to manage and optimize your streaming / watching time. After all, you deserve it!