What to watch on Netflix if you like The Office? (US Verson)

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Similar Shows to The Office on Netflix

Big Mouth

Children starts experiencing puberty at the normal stage of life and trying to draw how that will affects their lives at a particular time.
This movie is for people whose preferred part of “The Office” was all about the sexual comedy – the jokes that should have been sophomoric but were any chance smart, but unlike “The Office,” “Big Mouth” is pretty much only these types of jokes. However, they all have an endearing quality and job in service of which shows the different coming age of the movie.
10 episodes of approximately 30 minutes

Parks and Recreation

A political satire that takes place in a fictional town of Pawnee, IN gives you just about everything that you loved about The Office (and sometimes more). Starring Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones, Parks & Rec offers a whole lot of zaney office humor that shines through with Amy Poehler’s career making performances. Not to mention this show helped jumpstart many careers such as Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza. Rob Lowe even carries a strong performance as a extremely ahead of his time health-conscious yuppy. Nick Offerman’s character Ron Swanson can stand as strong as a Dwight Schrute character with so many fine details to encourage the strengths of this show. Tom Haverford played by Aziz Ansari was another character that helped the career of the now famous stand-up comedian and critically acclaimed producer (Master of None).
125 episodes of approximately 30 minutes

The Good place

A set of people form a group of friends in their afterlife. Giving out any of the central conceit would be a plunderer if you have never watched the season 1 of this movie.
The big draw of the movie is the show’s creator Mike Schur, who happens to be the significant writer for “The Office,” and which played a character of Dwight Schrute’s cousin Mose in the movie. So he later joins in creating “Parks and Recreation” with Greg Daniels, who adapted the American style of “The Office” from the British style. Also, he co-created “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Yes, it is running into Schur’s continuation, but it has to be a movie you need to consider watching if perhaps you like “The Office.”
However, the worth of “The Good Place, precisely; this movie is very humorous, and also it speaks about the nature of life. With an en masses cast and a strange “boss” figure, so much of the jokes and relationships will feel identical to the sensibility of “The Office.”
26 episodes of approximately 22 minutes

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