What to watch on Netflix if you like the Stranger Things?

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Similar Shows to Stranger Things on Netflix

We can’t enjoy anything more on Television that Stranger Things on Netflix. This series came out for capturing the imaginations of a world. This series is basically related to kids who are saving the life of their friends from creatures and in doing this Eleven (a mysterious girl with powers) helped them. It is a past horror story. Are you looking for something like Stranger Things till the new season arrives? Here is the list of several shows which you can enjoy if you want to see horror story and science.


This series is happening in the near future where there is a possibility of almost anything. An artificial world and theme parks are created for exploration purpose. There is much robotics who can talk with humans. I like it the most as it is like the Stranger Things.


In this series, human robots are being used as a gadget by humans. They are providing assistance in a number of things like in doing household chores to romance. Many of the ideas in this series are taken from the movie Blade Runner. This series is very compelling and if you like Stranger Things, then this series is going to be best for you.


This series is full of Ghosts, horror, time travel, monsters, and life after death. The character development of this series is very solid. Till the end of the series, the suspense and mystery remain the same.


This series is regarding a man who is possessed with supernatural powers. He tried to find out the reason behind the unrealistic things happening in his life but these powers don’t let him find out the reason. But after a lot of research with priests, he finds out that there is no monster so we can say that this series is full of suspense.

Hemlock Grove

Many people find this series very scary. In this story, a teenage girl is murdered brutally. This makes the whole town very suspicious and the whole town is keeping secrets and this will make finding the murderer very difficult. But the series stopped, chance must be given to this series for forming its seasons.


This series is basically highlighting the concept of feminism and homosexuality. People from different backgrounds are linked together in this serial. They are hunted by some organization and then they face the threat. You can watch this series!

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