What to watch on Netflix if you like the Game of Thrones?

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Similar Shows to Game of Thrones on Netflix

The Last Kingdom

It is practically base on a new series called The Saxon Stories, in which the author Bernard Cornwell wrote that the story was emanated in the 9th century, as the Vikings attacked the Kingdom.
The movie has a “Clique of New York” feel of warring groups which centered on the champion that needs to revenge his father and outside forces, who makes the concept of the story to be tribalism less relevant.

The Frontier

The star Jason Momoa, who played the role of Khal Drogo in the “Game of Thrones,” so there are so correspondent points in the movie.
Momoa’s role is a cruel figure in the Canadian frontier during the 1700s. His aim is to trouble the authority of the Hudson’s Bay Company over the fur trade, and he penetrates the authority of the Hudson’s Bay through the tons of violence.
12 episodes of approximately 45 minutes

The Tudors

Is the most common show on this list and is also primal. “The Tudors” ended with a good four-season run in the year 2010. It digs into an envisioned backstory of the popular King Henry VIII, who famously killed many of his wives to move on with different women. This has identical royal power strives and unjustified love scenes to “Game of Thrones.”
38 episodes of approximately 50 minutes

What to watch on Netflix if you like the Game of Thrones? (1 Netflix Reivew)

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