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Similar Shows to Dead to Me on Netflix

Usually after watching the first season of an amazing new Netflix series, audiences crave more. It is the easiest thing in the world to binge-watch the entire first season of an intriguing show in one day, and that’s especially accurate for Netflix’s new black comedy Dead to Me. It’s a guaranteed treat for Netflix viewers, and after watching the first episode, you will make it through the season in the blink of an eye. Good thing for you, while you are awaiting the much anticipated second season, you could catch some other similar Netflix shows sure to get you in the right mood.

To briefly recap, Dead to Me is a black comedy about Jen, who’s husband has just died. After joining a support group for the bereaved, Jen meets Judy, and the two quickly become friends. However, many untold secrets unravel throughout the season that threaten their friendship, including the fact that Jen may have been the person responsible for the death of Judy’s husband.

While that’s captivating enough for you to wait for the new season to make it’s way into your living room or laptop, be sure to catch one of these other binge-worthy shows.

Dirty John

Dirty John is a gripping crime drama based on actual events, and had originally been told through a podcast. The show is about a woman named Debra, who is looking for love. When Debra comes upon John, she is sure she has found the perfect match. Her daughters are untrusting towards John, and as the story progress, we find out that there is more to John then he is putting on.

Dirty John is an intense, edge-of-your-seat story that you need to watch immediately.


You is the latest thriller that has taken Netflix by storm. This is a very demented show, but is so well written that you will get fully absorbed in the drama that ensues. The story is about a man named Joe, who develops an obsession for a woman named Beck. Joe tries to create a situation where it seems like they’ve met naturally, and soon accomplishes that task. However, other hurdles stand in his way of making Beck his lifelong companion, but Joe is determined to transcend all of them. And will do absolutely whatever it takes.

The End Of The F***ing World

The End Of The F***ing World received a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s safe to assume that this is one good show. The series is is a black comedy about two teenagers named Alyssa and James. The story follows them as they embark on a journey to find Alyssa’s father, whom she does not know and has not been in her life. It later turns out that James is not actually Alyssa’s friend, and wants to murder her. It is a fantastic story with great dialogue. It will leave you breathless at times, and always guessing what happens next. Season 2 has also been confirmed, so you’ll have extra shows to binge after as well.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a drama that is very similar to Dead to Me, and raises lots of controversy. The story is about a girl named Hannah Baker, who commits suicide, but not before filming the event and sending it to people she knows, in an attempt to show how she actually accomplished the task. There are two seasons already completed, and the third one is currently being filmed, soon to be released on Netflix.

After Life

After Life is a comedy drama that is also similar to Dead to Me, as the story-line also revolves around death. It’s a show about Joe, who had a perfect life until his wife died. At first he contemplates suicide, but instead decides to start living the life he always dreamed of. While living for himself, he no longer becomes the nice guy everyone is used to, and his friends and family do not recognize the new person he has become.

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