How Can I Watch Movies with my Friends Online?

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No matter your age, watching a movie with some great company is always something to look forward to. Imagine being in a room with like-minded people sharing the same interests and a huge bowl of popcorn. Social distancing has changed a lot of this, but it is still possible to enjoy the experience even though thousands of miles may separate you.

Netflix is still a great way to watch movies online. The party has become even greater with an extension for Chrome. Install Netflix Party application into the browser and have a movie experience with your friends. It is really simple too.

Make sure that each member of the crowd has an active Netflix account and the extension installed for starters. Click the Party button, choose the movie, and invite your friends to join in. Close contact is impossible, but this should not distract you from sharing the ultimate movie experience, popcorn, and all.

Everybody knows about Amazon these days. If you have an Amazon Prime account, the platform becomes more than just a buying experience. Log in to your account and share the Netflix experience with your friends at no extra charge.

Ever heard of Zoom? It is often thought of as just another virtual meeting platform. With screen share, it is possible to use your mobile or computer screen to watch a movie online with friends. Get that movie you all want to watch streaming online. Invite your friends to join the “meeting”, and have a great day/night at the movies together.

The new norm of social distancing has made a lasting impression on all of our lives. Do not allow it to deprive you and your friends from that movie everybody wants to see. Get one of the many channels available for streaming movies online, choose a suitable platform to host the stream, share, and enjoy.

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