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When you’re looking for something light to watch, chick flicks or a classic honeymoon episode of your favorite program are typically the perfect options. Then what if your throat is scratchy, and you can’t seem to get the tears to come out? Perhaps you’re looking for something touching and heartbreaking. You want something with a bit more emotional resonance at such times, which an unfortunate but romantic film may provide.

So what is it about sad romantics that makes you cry? They all have one element in common: you’ll need tissues to watch them, or you’ll wind up with some messed-up clothes. Once finished, follow it up with a cheerful movie to make yourself feel better.

What are the best heartbreaking romantic dramas to watch?

Here are some favorite tragic romances to re-watch when you need to vent or feel better about your relationship woes. These dramas will let you experience all the emotions, with a passionate but sad plot and unexpected tragedies:

If Beale Street Could Talk

You may ask, ‘is If Beale Street Could Talk’ a sad story? To put it plainly, yes. This movie has emotions that are difficult to capture in a film, but Jenkins gets close. As with the novel, the film’s finest scenes are when Tish and Fonny initially find themselves in one another’s arms. Tish’s wistful voiceover commentary, filmed by James Laxton, seems to be pulled from the same brilliant source as the film’s visuals.

Good Trouble

When a young drama becomes a workplace tragedy, funny moments between pals get suffocated by sequences of professional danger. For once, instead of another aggressive white-shoe company, this program portrays a clerkship.

But when Callie gets involved in a Black Lives Matter case, you may get emotional because of the profound social justice aspect. It seemed more like fan entertainment to a left-leaning crowd than a real-life human relations problem. Good trouble, overall a phenomenal show to binge-watch on your weekend when you want to cry a bit.

Virgin River

After the second season ended on a deadly cliffhanger, season 3 of Netflix’s Virgin River has arrived, with tons of drama to unravel.

The series is mainly based on Robyn Carr’s novels, and it takes place in the isolated Northern California hamlet of the Virgin River. The first season introduced Mel Monroe. She quits her career in Los Angeles to start over in a new town. The program has also spent time examining the different adventures of the town’s inhabitants – now more than ever.

Over-the-top dramas abound in Virgin River, such as Charmaine’s never-ending story and Ricky and Lizzie’s teenage love problems. Yes, there is an excess of corny moments, considering the main subject of romance. But it’s difficult not to get involved in what happens next after you’ve dipped a leg into the happenings of the lovely town of Virgin River. Virgin River season 3 ending will leave you surprised and anxious for the next season.

Blue Valentine

“Blue Valentine” accomplished something revolutionary five years ago. It convinced everyone that Ryan Gosling was an unattractive loser that would never marry.

But it was not the only game-changing aspect of this drama, which tracked a terrible relationship from start to finish. “Blue Valentine” also did its bit to mainstream the portrayal of a specific act; the makeout scene is legendary. It also drew attention to Hollywood’s annoying hypocritical standard.

You’ll be captivated by their natural bond and hot chemistry, but don’t fall in love with them. It’s fascinating to watch because of the lengthy silences, beautiful scenes, and sexual moments between the two.

Five Feet Apart

Both Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will Newman (Cole Sprouse) are patients who interact while in the infirmary. To prevent cross-contamination, CF patients must keep a distance of six feet between them at all times. A bacterial infection acquired from someone with CF may be fatal to a CF sufferer. However, when Stella and Will grow in love, they decide to “take a step back” and inch together until they are just five feet apart, putting their lives at risk. The stakes are practically life and death, as forbidden love can be. This movie is bound to make you weep for hours.

In conclusion

From Five Feet Apart to Blue Valentine, love is honored in various ways in movies. The movies and shows mentioned above will make you weep every time – even if you claim you don’t have tear glands. Some are lighter and make you cry joyful tears, while others deal with serious issues.

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