The Top 7 Cooking and Food Shows on Netflix

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As someone that loves cooking and describes themselves as a foodie, you’re not only enjoying cooking your favorite recipes But also you find enjoyment and pleasure in watching cooking shows in your free time. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you have to exploit this great opportunity to watch a variety of cooking shows. So prepare your cozy seat and grab your favorite snack to spend an astonishing time watching the best cooking and food shows and documentaries on Netflix.

Street Food Collection
This show has a high rating on IMDB (8.0/10). It was released in 2020, presented by David Gelb and Brian McGinn. This show is the best one for street food lovers. It’ll take you on a long journey to Latin America to explore the most popular street food in several countries which are Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Salvador. The first volume in this show of episodes was in Asia, it documented the most prominent food street in Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines with the best chefs. This show is not only for exploring new recipes but also for exploring several cultures in Asia.

The Best Chef
In this show, you’ll get a great dose of fun with Jon Favreau and Roy Choi. They hosted different celebrities from several nationalities to allow you to explore their favorite recipes and their way to cook them. This American show was premiered in 2019, its rating on IMDB is 8.2/10. You’ll enjoy watching cook food by many celebrities like Tom Holland, Spencer Gomez, Bill Burr.

The Great British Bake Show
If you want to enjoy watching the dessert show The Great British Bake Off is highly recommended, in this show, you’ll be fascinated by many drool-worthy desserts like tarts in a British way. There are 7 seasons of this show. it was premiered in 2010, presented by Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mel Giedroyc. Its rating on IMDB is 8.6/10.

In the first season, you’ll find out with chef Michael Pollan the relation between science, culture, and flavors through 4 factors which are; fire, water, air, and the ground. This documentary series will show you the art of cooking, baking, and brewing from one of the most popular authors in food. Michael Pollan is popular with the best seller book named “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”. The show was premiered in 2018, it is considered as one of the top-rated shows on IMDB (8.1/10).

Salt Fat Acid Heat
If you don’t get enough of exploring food from many countries, this documentary show will meet your desire. With Samin Nosrat you’ll travel with her to many countries which are: Japan, Mexico, and Italy. From this show, you’ll have fun on a journey to find out the best recipes from different cultures. This show was released in 2018 with only one season. Its rating on IMDB is 7.7/10.

Ugly Delicious
Multi-Cultural journeys, mouth-watering food, fun time of cooking with celebrities, that all you’ll get in this perfect show with chef David Chang and Peter Meehan. In season one, you’ll join David Chang’s Journey to explore creative ways to cook several recipes like pizza, taco, and fried chicken. In season two, you’ll enjoy David Chang’s journeys to Istanbul, Sydney and, Mumbai to explore the most delectable food. The show was released in 2018. Its rating on IMDB is 7.8/10.

The main idea of this show is to discover the food from a different side, you’ll learn from Latif Nasser and Casey Cox how to find out the good and rotten side of food like milk and garlic. There are two seasons of this documentary series, in the first season that was released in 2018, you’ll get to know facts about the food we eat in our daily life. In the second season, you’ll know secrets about the chocolate and sugar industry, the real cost of avocado and bottled water, and also the types of food made of Marijuana. The rating of the show on IMDB is 7.2/10.

On Netflix you’ll also enjoy watching the following shows:
Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent (2016).
All about Asado (2016).
Nailed It! (2018)
Cooked With Cannabis (2020).
Netflix is not only the best platform for movies and Tv series but also it’s the best for cooking presents the best chefs to cook drool-worthy recipes. From these shows, you’ll also get to know different sides of the food.

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