Ted Lasso Season 2, Everything you Can Expect from Coach Ted Lasso

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Ted Lasso is a popular American show that premiered on Apple TV+ last year. It follows the story of Ted Lasso, an American Football coach, who is hired by a premier league soccer team to coach their British players.

This is a comedy show that focuses more on character interactions and jokes than on the game of soccer itself. But, fans of soccer and other sports can still enjoy this great show!

What’s So Great About Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso has been a huge hit with viewers on Apple TV+. In fact, it has drawn in some of the biggest viewership ratings for the platform both domestically and globally. Ted Lasso even got nominated for Golden Globe awards and Jason Sudeikis won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Lasso. But, what’s so great about this show?

Most people like the show for the comedy. Ted Lasso, is knowledgeable about American football, but he has no idea about the rules and nuances of British football. This makes for great comedy as the character is brought into one embarrassing situation after the other.

In addition, though, this show has a lot of heart. It crafts some great moments between Lasso’s character and other characters on the show. And, it actually manages to be pretty emotional and moving at times. This isn’t something you would expect from a typical comedy show. But Ted Lasso does a good job of balancing more serious moments with more comedic scenes.

When Will Ted Lasso Season Two Come Out And What Can You Expect?

So, will Ted Lasso have a second season? The answer to this question is yes. Ted Lasso was renewed for a second season only five days after the first season aired. The upcoming season will have twelve episodes.

But, an exact release date has not been announced officially. Filming for the project resumed in January, though. And, some people believe that the second season will air sometime in June-August of 2021.

The storylines for the second season have not been announced. But you can expect a continuation of the story from season one. Lasso’s team will likely be gunning for a premier league title.

A third season will be airing, as well. The show was renewed for a third season as of October 2020. So, you can look forward to more Ted Lasso content in the future!

Who Is Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso is not based on a real-life person, but there is some actual history behind this character that is pretty interesting. In 2013, a series of commercials came out on NBC. In these commercials, Jason Sudeikis played Ted Lasso. He was a fictional character that used to be an American football coach but ended up coaching a soccer team.

The commercials were made to promote soccer to an American audience. NBC was having a difficult time marketing soccer to its viewers. So, they used the character, Ted Lasso, to reel in more viewers.

A few of these commercials were aired on TV and they ended up becoming really popular. Sudeikis had a fun time playing this role, as well. But he didn’t think about playing the character again till 2015. He started writing up some scenarios with a friend of his for a TV show. Eventually, this led to the creation of the Ted Lasso TV program.

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