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Do you want to bake the most heavenly cake like a pro? If you watch these shows, you’re likely going to want to. When it comes to baking, we’ve covered shows from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for some creative inspiration or want to work your salivary glands, this is the list for you. The best international cooking shows Netflix has to offer. Otherwise, Netflix shows like Top Chef. Isn’t it healthier to binge-watch food rather than binge-eat it? Eat heartily!

Chef’s Table:
A popular Netflix original show, successfully in its third season, follows a globally renowned chef. The series is wonderfully shot throughout various nations and uncovers the ideas of the world’s finest chefs. Do you know this show is by the same director behind Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Nancy Silverton in Los Angeles, Virgilio Martnez in Lima, Peru, and Tim Raue in Berlin, Germany, was among the chefs highlighted this season.

Samurai Gourmet:
While it may be a quirky name, Samurai Gourmet indeed is worth your time to watch on Netflix. The folks at Netflix have again come up with an original cooking show that is a fun and entertaining journey (with subtitles). This show focuses on warming your appetite and heart instead of the typical competitive food program cliches.

Based on a Japanese manga by Masayuki Kusumi and Shigeru Tsuchiyama, the fictional drama is a bit different than most culinary shows: there isn’t a chef. However, the series follows a starving man who has recently retired and only wants to eat in a very realistic film. Kasumi’s fearless alter-ego is a samurai who appears now and then.

Another cooking show on Netflix that goes beyond its genre. It shows how baking, brewing, and seasoning influence our culture and affect the globe. You’d be accurate if you think it seems like an unrealistic food goal. Although in the show, food writer Michael Pollan approaches subjects like environment, health, and poverty with all respect.

Avec Eric:
One of the best travel cooking shows on Netflix and ahh fancy too! On this PBS-turned-Cooking Channel series, Michelin-star chef Éric Ripert brings you inside his brilliant mind as he explores the world for inspiration. From the Hudson River Valley to Australia and South Korea, his cooking techniques are represented by the places he visits and the people he encounters along the journey. It’s always a lot of fun with Éric.

Street Food:
What could be better than enjoying an international travel cooking show on TV? How about an international travel cooking show that only focuses on street food! Street Food follows Israeli film and television actor Ishai Golan as he explores the World from Mexico to Mumbai. He’s tasting food from street sellers, marketplaces, and local eateries all along the way. It is a beautiful trip.

Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour
Here we come with another well-known chef who travels exotic corners of the globe in quest of unique foods and flavor combinations. You’ve probably seen it before, but this time it includes “exotic specialties.” Anthony is curious about everything and anything, from Russia to Scotland to the Napa Valley. On Netflix, both seasons of this series are available now.

A Cook Abroad:
This 2015 BBC Sarah Brophy series is all about travel & food. Professional chefs try out various dishes. Sound familiar? Yes, you guessed it correctly- it’s from the BBC, so you know there’s an impression of refined elegance about it. Plus, kudos for a creative tagline. “Six cooks, six countries, six incredible journeys.” Indeed.

The Great British Baking Show:
One of the best baking shows ever made. What? Haven’t you watched it yet? You must watch if you are only going to see one from this collection. A brilliant show with a lovely premise and hosted by a beautiful comic pair. Set in the beautiful English countryside, and most significantly, judged by Mrs. Mary Berry — a British gem if ever there was one. Oh, how can I forget Paul Hollywood ? just kidding; he also serves as a judge. Lots of incredibly excellent bakers come from all across the country to participate in a tented baking competition, and they’re all very nice when they are voted off. Going strong since 2010, and still we can’t get enough of it. Impressive, as I said! A must-watch for you.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts:
Last but not least, here we present an Australian baking TV show where people come and compete with each other. Created by Mark Adamson (who also brought you My Kitchen Rules) this Australian baking show with amateur chefs is wildly entertaining. Trust me, this baking show on Netflix will leave you craving for a delicious cake in no time. It will also make you want to visit Australia as we can never get enough of those accents.

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