The Irregulars’ Gruesome Take on Sherlock Holmes

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Who doesn’t love a good Sherlock Holmes story? With new shows adding their own bit of uniqueness, The Irregulars has proven to stand out with a paranormal and somewhat villainous spin to the traditional Sherlock Holmes style. Based on the Baker Street Irregulars, who were featured in three of the original Holmes stories, this original series breathes fresh air into the typical Holmes mysteries.

How is it Unique from other Sherlock Holmes Stories?

As far as main characters are concerned, we notice that the show focuses on a group of teenagers who are homeless but live together and take care of each other. In fact, the character of Sherlock Holmes is not even seen until a storyline is well underway. We do meet Holmes’ loyal, albeit very unfriendly, partner Dr. Watson, who begins employing the main character group to investigate the mysteries. Also, we later discover that Sherlock may not be the hero after all, but rather an antagonist.

For another character twist on Dr. Watson, watch the first season all the way through.

From other Sherlock Holmes movies and stories, we are accustomed to some emotional rollercoasters with meeting and saying goodbye to characters. However, this series plays with viewer emotions far more. When the audience becomes engulfed in the story and wellbeing of the characters, there is much grief and heartbreak to be had with the progression of the season.

The difference in the mysteries of this show is that while other Sherlock Holmes stories and movies always had a logical explanation for what seemed to be something conjured by dark magic, The Irregulars turns out to be quite the opposite. If you are expecting a children’s show, choose another series. There is a lot more murder than one might expect.

The Supernatural Traits of The Irregulars

The group is paid by Dr. Watson to investigate strange and unnerving things happening around the city. The unfortunate events become more and more gruesome and terrifying as the episodes continue. While there may be some “aha” moments where tragedy strikes by human doing, the underlying theme is supernatural involvement influencing said humans to act with evil.

Crows are leaving humans behind in bloody messes. Faces are being removed. The dead are rising! We have already said too much.

Will There be a Season 2?

While production for season 2 is rumored to begin this summer, Netflix has not announced an official renewal of the season. However, with season 1 quickly entering Netflix’s Top 10, how could they miss this opportunity to please fans?

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